About Time to Ditch into Human Brain and Gear Machine to Think Like Human

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About Time to Ditch into Human Brain and Gear Machine to Think Like Human


Just came across an article by Patel, inverse.com on A Radical New Theory Could Change the Way We Build A.I. Patel (2017) is taking a look at each cell in human brain and consider it as an information processing machine. He recommended that the research on A.I. should look at how the brain process the knowledge stored inside the repository part of the brain and how it deliver the result to drive actions. He suggested an open gate to the machine simulation of human intelligence process.

“Cells are information-processing machines”

This idea is not new. As the matter of fact, it is the radical reasons of the world of Artificial Intelligence. I still remembered going back to the 90's when A.I. emerged in the world of academic research. The scientist was founding the Neural Net bey having each computing machines to resemble the nodes of human brain, with interconnected network to tide up all he cells. The term Fuzzy Logic was coined for the processing of incomplete information, filling the gap with machine intelligence to draw up conclusions. Now the research incorporates genetic algorithm to ensure relevancies of events to predict the future event, which is the foundation of Big Data Analytics and become the heart of A.I.

The article is not revealing the new ideas, but indicates another step closer for the researcher to have machine learn in a way that resemblance to human intelligence.