KM is dying, long live KM

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KM is dying, long live KM

From our discussion on the round table with the Innovitro driving-seater consultants and our partner who is offering corporate training and human resource development consultant. One of the fruitful discussion that spurred up was "if KM is the word people are trying to get away".

We all agreed that KM has been mis-interpreted with the wrong practice which led to the downside of deploying and embedding KM in the business practice. We all agree that if we do KM properly and appropriately, KM will helps you brings out the business values.

Is it too late to educate the practice of KM in organizations? The answer is "not". KM is a definitive approach that will help business survive and reach higher performance, especially in the business turmoil. KM will have its stance and will flourish.

Our marketing experts mentioned that the word KM should be rephrase. People may turn away when we say KM. There are new buzz words that may bring attention. The word like co-creation is widely used nowadays. In Innovitro we coined the term "Collective Intelligence" to reflect the collaboration among teams in an organization, building on collective knowledge each individual and team have. Collective Intelligence is not really a bad word, isn't it? In fact it also inscribed the meaning of doing KM and reaching innovation at the same time.

We may be looking at the "old wine in the new bottle" here, but at innovitro, we strongly believe that KM has never die, and will survive.

Long Live KM