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I had a chance to share my perspective on "Innovation Design Thinking" to the civil servants of the office of the Prime minister of Thailand. The 1 hour session went by quite well with many interesting cases and events from the current post of the PM2.5 air quality problem and the latest TV show. But what surprised me most was a question from the audience. It was not about innovation or approach to innovation. It was about how to run a successful KM program.

I told them that there is no single formula for success, what I could do was I could only share with them my insight and how I did it. So I started the story with how I got involved with KM and what was the first thing that I did when I accepted the post of Chief Knowledge Office. Of course, I started with laying the KM strategy and aligned it with the company vision and directions. I shared my perspective of how KM is treated as a system of information management, not as a knowledge management. I shared my story of how social technology was implemented to resemble the social platform, but nobody used it. I shared my story of how people think KM is a burden and the stored lessons learned is just information on a database system, awaiting for someone to access and use it with high hopes. That's the total failure of doing KM.

At the end, I suggested them to try to embed KM into the working process. If they can do that, the culture of sharing and reusing will come. I told them to make KM work was by doing it in a more aggressive way. KM should not be just another elephant in the room, sitting in a furthest corner in the office. Offensive KM by raising some important company agenda and do it the KM way by focusing on "Knowledge-Centered" approach from planning to acquiring, to utilizing to cultivating and measuring the outcomes. Entangle KM into project realization state-gate phases. Ensure the project cannot proceed into the next phase without any evidence of KM practice. Ensure budget is locked with the KM office to fund the activities.

It was the fruitful sharing and hope that will energize the government sector to re-think and re-ignite of how to approach the new way of doing KM.