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Running a CoP

We are planning to run a charity CoP for a hospital, bringing in patients of neuropractic together to meet with their physicians and nurses. This reminds me of how we could run a successful CoP.

CoP stands for 'Community of Practices'. CoP has been implemented in many companies that enforce knowledge management. CoP is formed by people who has the same like-minded on some certain topics. CoP has been used as a strategic tool to ensure the knowledge from one corner of an organization being adopted and applied in other corners. Member of a CoP bounded together with a common goal of contributing their expertise on the focus on the CoP. The CoP members are not bounded together based on business hierarchy, but on the pure contribution sake of bringing their experiences to deliver values to the company and helps provide answers and suggestion for the less experience ones.

CoP is treated as business matter. Some consider CoP as business units that helps the operations of certain company to leverage the knowledge gained from one location to another. And as business unit, each CoP must receive full supports from management, and of course with enough funding and activities to bind the members together.

CoP is just like any other living entity, it has the cycle birth, grow, mature, and die. Managing CoP is just like managing business. Understanding the lifecycle, determine the effort to get CoP running. energizing CoP can become a secret success. Running a CoP can be full of fun. It is not intended to aligned with business through strong structure, but not as loose as the social group. CoP needs activities to support and sustain. CoP need members to contribute. Activities that support relationship and trust building among members would tie the members together.