The Power of 2x2 Matrix

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The Power of 2x2 Matrix


I was asked to run a quick expression of the vision toward a Mail and Post company and help with defying strategy and the driving mechanism, I used 2x2 matrix to gain understanding and identifying the interaction between the Post company and their customers.

The matrix allows you to take a look at how the Post company can do to offer the services and become the intermediary platform for all stake holders. The Matrix defines the reaction ship with Customer-to-Customer, Customer-to-Post, Post-to-Post, and Post-to Customer.

Customer-to-Customer allows you to look at when customers are interconnected with one another, how the Post can serve their needs. Post can start with e-commerce platform that allow the buying and selling of merchandises from one customer to another.

Customer-to-Post identifies what additional transaction the customers need from Post. For example, the Drop-and-Go service that allows regular customers to just come to Post office and leave their packages to be delivered at any time around the clock.

Post-to-Post takes the view of the back-end approach that allows Post to look at their interaction among business units in the Post, The interaction between business partner (B2B), and the interaction between Post and other government units (B2G).

Post-to-Customers allows the defining of the missing transaction that Post may counter offer to the customer proactively. For example, the scheduling for item delivery and pickup. The scheduling can be done online using current interactive communication app.

From the Matrix, the rough plan is drafted out to identify and prioritize the activities. The short, middle, and long term plan is the outcome. After the rough roadmap, the organization the drives the implementation of the strategy is defined.