The Right Brainer Rules the World

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The Right Brainer Rules the World

There are worries recently about robot coming to the world, robot is taking human job, robot won over the world chaperon of GO, and many other robot news. As machine gets smarter, the coming of age of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) allows the machine to sense of what happening around them and react. More of the products coming to the markets will have some form of intelligence and becoming smarts.

Is this becomes the beginning scene of "Terminator", the movie sequels?

Fearing of machine taking over is nothing new. And how we, as human,  are going to survive? I have just come across this book from Dan Pink. The book is "A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brainer Will Rule the Future".

As we all know, the left side of a brain functions in a way for logic reasoning, while the right side is doing in intuition and artistry. Dan suggested that the machine will automate what we can do with our left brain, that is giving logic, defining rules, do analytic, do math and calculations. These are the things the machine can do. It can do even better than human when it comes to repetitive rule-based reasoning and multi-tasking.

Still what a human can do better than the machine, which still be so sure that the machine is still catching us are the functions from the right side of the brain. The human mind is good for innovating. We keep coming out with new inventive approach that disrupt the way we do things. We under stand the problem of the human being and we have been trying to overcome those problems by inventing tools. The problems need empathy of human to human. It need a larger scope of viewing how the problem goes and how it impacts us. It needs the combinative capability to synthesize the tiny bits and pieces of the solutions and making sustain and see how it impact us in the whole new paradigm.

Don't be afraid that the machine will take over our place, be sure to change and evolve. Human is good at looking into the problems and come out with a new solutions. That what we can do better than machine.