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The Winning Attitude

We were discussing about the mindset that is behind the successful culture that make KM an admirable practices in an organization. We were discussing about the differences that attitude the Thai has, comparing to the Singaporean.

Out of our fruitful conversation, we were discussing the stereo type of being Thai toward the acceptance of KM. We had been asking lots of why and how questions. There were both positive reinforcements and the negative effects. The discussion led on to culture that prevent the adoption of KM to organization. We had identified many supportive elements that we should have done.

Our Singaporean member who had been quiet all along just raised up her voice surprisingly to hear that we had been going through many initiatives that would lead to successful adoption of KM. She mentioned that all these initiatives and ideas had sprung out a while ago. There's nothing new. She was surprise to learn that why Thai organization do not get pass these threshold. In Singapore, there is no resources, comparing to Thailand. Education seems to be the only investment and knowledge become the only resource that bring out the fruit. Individual Thai and Singaporean are not different. Both are educated.

The only different is that the Thai think and leave it like that, while Singaporean think and do. No matter if it will return success or failure, doing and learning from it is very crucial. Instead of asking why and How, Thailand should start doing it. KM is a proven method that bring about the competitive advantage and lead to innovation. No need for tangible measures. It's been proven elsewhere.

"The important is to start doing it, not waiting till every thing is ready....There are a lot of KM success story. Adopt it and put it into practice."

Then she gave a very personal and tangible example. She used to run a gas station in Thailand. As you may know, Thai people is the least to have discipline on tidiness. You may see the garbage being thrown anywhere on the floor. She doesn't like that. She wish her gas station to be clean and tidy. She knows she cannot wait for the government to issue a bill on littering and have the law enforcement to enforce. She started small with her station by posting up signs, preparing garbage bins, and keep the station clean by regularly cleaning her places. She doesn't care if all the nearby area or the nearby along side the road is clean, just her station clean is enough. And people just realized that coming to this gas station, they must not littering. They learn how to help keep the place clean. Who said the Thai cannot change.

This was a success for her. Even though it is not a big step, but a giant leap for her to at least change the care-for-tidiness behavior for her customers. It is not necessary to start big and have everything ready, just start small. The important is to start doing it, not waiting till every thing is ready. cause that will never happen. There are a lot of KM success story. Adopt it and put it into practice. No need to think too much and never have it launched.