Where should KM Program Office be in the organization?

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Where should KM Program Office be in the organization?

This is more like the end-of-the-world question about where KM should be in the organization. Should KM be with IT? Should KM be with HR? Or should KM be with Strategic Department?

KM is strategic alignment and could be used as the tools to leverage the competitive advantage over the business rivals. Many organization put KM in strategic department. Some said KM is about people learning and should belong to HR. That's not entirely true. KM has so much to do with people mastery. It starts from there where people in the organization are eager to learn to develop new competencies. However, the gain knowledge is not just reside in the the head of people. It get expanded when sharing with others. When more people shares, they also lear from others as well. New target challenge is also the by product of sharing and learning. Knowledge shared are gained and reside in the team, the department, and organization too. This is called "organizational learning".

Organization knowledge is not just reside in the head of the staff, but also in the form of working process and the documented artifacts. Even when people leave the organization, the rest of the team member still can perform.

Some say KM is an archive of company knowledge. The archived forms, for me, is not consider as knowledge. It may be information or data, but never knowledge. Putting KM in IT may not be such a good idea. KM is not technology. It leverage technology, like web 2.0 or search engine, but KM itself is not about technology.

Back to our square question of where KM program office should be. There is no definite answer. Each organization is unique. Each has their own corporate culture. No two organizations are exactly the same. So put KM program office anywhere that is the best fit and ensure the program is embraced and put into action so the great benefits of doing KM is realized.